Angeles City skyline growing in 2012! Pics

Angeles City Pampanga Skyline
With around a dozen hotels currently under construction on the entertainment strip alone (and many recently completed), the Angeles City skyline as seen in the following images is clearly continuing its upward development.

Land prices rising
Empty or abandoned lots are being snapped up and developed into commercial and residential projects causing land prices along the entertainment strip to rise to as much as Php30,000 - Php50,000 per square meter.

Billion-dollar GGLC development
Behind SM Clark mall, nearly a stone's throw away from the entertainment strip, the Global Gateway Logistics Center, a massive billion-dollar 200-hectar development project funded by Kuwaitis is fast-tracking its infrastructure development to make way for large commercial and industrial projects including multi-million dollar aviation, healthcare, educational and hotel projects.

8-story threshold being broken
Although hardly any are passing the 8-story threshold (around the maximum height limit without a costly foundation due to the area's soft soil), with the resumed construction of the Penthouse condo-hotel, which should be Angeles City's tallest tower at 14 floors, this will just be a matter of time.

How will 2013 look like?
Many more construction projects, primarily focused around the entertainment strip are in the planning and therefore today's skyline will look very different from the ones will be posting in 2013.

Fields Avenue behind Bayanihan park

Developments in walking-street including Galaxy hotel (right)

ABC hotel's New Millenium tower