Tourist notice: Mugshot collection of bakla (ladyboys) to avoid.

BAKLA LADYBOY in angeles city

They will promise you a night to remember, but soon enough that'll become a night you soon want to forget, or, better still, you might not even remember it at all. These notorious transvestites or 'bakla' prey on single tourists, particularly heavily intoxicated ones, who are on their way back to their hotel room. Masters at hiding their sexuality, they convince tourists to have a good time at their hotel room. 


But, if you'd like to wake up the next morning with your laptop, expensive cellphone and cash still in your possession, then you might want to avoid bringing these individuals to your hotel room for an 'afterparty'.

No fear of permanent detention 

Time and time again, these drag queens, who have made Santos street their own walk of shame, have victimized tourists without the fear of being permanently locked up. These bakla do not have to fear significant consequences as their victims usually are too embarrassed to file and follow up a police complaint, or better yet, the victims, to their own surprise, usually only know as much as what the hotel's CCTV camera reveals the next day.

Tourists advised not to invite strangers into hotel room

Tourists are advised to avoid these individuals, no matter how stimulating their promise may be. And since you'll probably be too intoxicated to recognize these individuals from anyone else at the moment you become a potential victim, we advise all tourists to simply avoid bringing anyone from the streets to their hotel rooms.


Hotel security advised to reject entry to hotel

Hotels are advised to inform their security officers of the identities of these individuals and disallow entry to the hotel.

Jayson Barida

bakla ladyboy in angeles city
Arnel Consutado 

Carlo Lorbes

Christian Ronqu

Joseph Dayondon

Aleo Gaditano

Rominick Maaliw