Angeles' most spectacular tourist attraction: Sapang Bato Hot Spring

There aren't many places on the planet where one can experience a day trip adventure as spectacular as the one located just 20 minutes from the Angeles entertainment district: Sapang Bato Hot Spring & Spa adventure.

The Sapang Bato hotspring adventure is absolutely one the most over-looked and under promoted tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Puning Hot Spring Restaurant & Spa
Book your 'adventure & spa package' at the Puning Hot Spring & Spa 'base camp'. You may also choose to book the extreme 4x4 adventure ride only, through an office situated behind the Puning Hot Spring & Spa 'base camp', however, we recommend to opt for the entire spa package offered by Puning Hot Spring Spa.
The costs for the complete package is P3000 per person which includes
- Extreme adventure 4x4 trek
- Restaurant buffet
- Hot spring bath
- Outdoor steam bath
- Foot massage
- Coal-heated volcanic ash treatment 
- Pinatubo sand mudbath treatment

The entire adventure and package takes place in the spectacular valleys of Sapang Bato caused by a hot water creek branching from Mt. Pinatubo.

You will be racing in open 4x4 jeeps, driven by highly-specialized drivers, splashing and tearing through the hot water creek, and squeezing through tight crevices whilst avoiding obstacles such as trees and fallen boulders from the high mountain tops in one of the most breathtaking adventure rides in the Philippines.

A video of the narrowest section of the adventure trek

Hot water spring pools & steam bath
At the end of the journey you will reach the hot-spring waterfall at the end of the stream and valley. The water here is so hot that you can request to have eggs cooked in it.  At this location, numerous hot water baths adjusted at different temperatures have been built all along the valley wall overlooking the hot-spring waterfall and creek.  You may choose the bath of your liking depending on the temperature you can handle.  There are also hot and cold water swimming pools, and a newly opened outdoor steam bath.  The steam from the waterfall is cleverly captured to make an outdoor open-air steam bath.

The hot water is high in sulfur which is very good for the skin. You may enjoy your time here as long as you'd like.

Foot or full body massage overlooking the valley
After the hot spring experience, you travel back down stream to a newly developed spa. Here you will receive a foot massage (or full body massage upon request) on a balcony overlooking the valley.

Heated volcanic ash treatment
You will then go through a unique heated volcanic ash treatment in which you will be buried, neck deep, for 20 minutes in volcanic ash which is heated by coals.  Apart from being very relaxing and quite entertaining, this treatment apparently improves blood circulation.

Volcanic ash bath
Finally, you will receive a mud bath in which only the finest of the carefully harvested Mt. Pinatubo ash is used.  This will further improve your skin and make it silky smooth.

Immerse into Aeta culture
As the icing on the cake, you will encounter and witness the culture of the warm-hearted Aeta (aboriginal) locals who live, hunt and farm along these areas of the valley.

A youtube video summarizing the experience

Useful tips:
- Buy candies in advance to throw at Aeta children during the adventure trek
- Request for a full body massage in their special massage huts, in advance
- Bring swimming clothes and extra towels
- Avoid going when raining

How to get there
Travel to the end of Don Juico Ave (main entertainment strip) then take a left turn (right turn leads to Clark freeport). Travel along this road for 15 minutes until you reach the end where the Puning Hotspring is located.

Contact information:
Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant
Sitio Target, Brgy. Sapangbato, Angeles City
Phone (63 45) 499-0629 / 0630 
Mobile 0920-866-4246 / 0919-339-2795 / 0928-623-7669 / 0908-885-8479
Contact Myra del Pilar (Marketing Executive)
Mobile 0919-339-2795 (Shalimar)
Mobile 0926-611-6521 (Korean Max Lee)
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