City holds Feast of the Holy Sepulchre

Apung Mamacalulu (Lord of the Holy Sepulchre) passing by San Nicolas Market in downtown Angeles on its way back to Holy Rosary Parish Church.

During the last Friday of October, Angeleños hold a procession for the "Apung Mamacalulu" (the unrisen Christ, or Lord of the Holy Sepulchre). This began in 1897 when a local resident worshipped the Apu after his miraculous escape from local Spanish cazadores. Five days of novena, dedicated to the Five Holy Wounds of Christ, culminate in a procession of brilliantly-lit carros around the old town, Kuliat.

Fiestang Apu Mamacalulu (Feast of the Holy Sepulchre)
October 29, 2010

Holy Rosary Parish Church
AM: 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00
PM: 4:30, (with Bp. Pablo Virgilio S. David, D.D.)

Apu Chapel
AM: 5:00, 6:15 (with Bp. Pablo Virgilio S. David, D.D.), 7:30, 8:45 (with Abp. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D.), 10:00
PM: 3:00, 4:15, 5:30, 6:45 (with Bp. Roberto C. Mallari, D.D.), 8:00

Fiestang Apu Procession
October 29, Friday, after the 4:30 pm Mass at the Holy Rosary Parish