Sensational raid on Forbidden City shocks Fields Avenue

A sensational scene in Forbidden City shocked Fields Avenue as large vans and trucks, which included members of different special task forces and social welfare groups, allegedly deployed from Manila, raided the bar late Wednesday night.  Vehicles filled with heavily armed police forces were rushed to the scene to purposely shock the entertainment strip and the crowd numbered into the hundreds in an operation which seemed to have absolutely no purpose other than to create attention to a yet unknown motive.   

Staff and dancers from the bar were taken into custody after tourists who happened to be in the bar were released just earlier.

Throughout the early stages of the raid, even what seemed a member of the media who was documenting the scene was arrested and escorted into the bar whilst the memory stick of the person's camera was confiscated to hide proof of the officers involved in the raid.

ACPO Station 4, nor any of the local police branches, have been notified of the raid in advance.

Camelot bar was reported to also have been raided. It is reported that all the staff at Camelot were taken into custody as well.

Both bars have been known not to have any nude or inappropriate shows whilst Forbidden City has recently been involved in an underage setup by the recently-relieved Angeles City CIDG Head Randy Glenn Silvio, which makes the motive of the sensational raid mystifying.

The news will surely surprise Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, currently in the US and set to return next week, who has recently promised to protect and promote Fields Avenue with the aim to develop the strip into a major World tourist destination.

It is speculated that the strengthened anti-human trafficking operations prompted by the meeting between President Aquino and US President Barack Obama slated this month has been the primary cause of the raid.