Record growth for Philippines in 2010. Also in upcoming years?

Monday, February 07

With a GDP growth of 7.3% in 2010, the Philippines experienced its highest growth in decades.

Confidence is high
The peaceful election of President Benigno Aquino on the promise to fight corruption and poverty has lifted investor confidence in the long term.
Direct foreign investment, increased domestic consumption, increased tourism and continued strong overseas remittances are causing the enormous growth.
Other factors such as election spending further boosted the growth in the first two quarters whilst damage to crops due to the El Niño droughts heavily affected the agriculture sector decreasing the overall growth.

HSBC recommends investing in the Philippines
HSBC bank, among many other major international banks, have recommended investing in the Philippines, particularly in real estate.
It is expected that the high growth will continue in the next years, and probably the next decade, under the stable command of President Aquino.

Philippines has never experienced double digit growth
A 7% per year growth minimum target has been set, which is seen as the threshold at which there will be a significant impact on poverty. The Philippines has never experienced double digit growth, unlike its neighboring countries, however, economists are predicting that this could happen in the near future.  A 7-8% growth is being predicted for 2011.

More information on investing in the Philippines and Angeles City
The Philippines has an extremely cheap, westernized, educated and hard-working work force, which along with the English-speaking culture and very favorable tax climate makes setting up a business in the Philippines absolutely ideal in nearly any type of industry.

For more information on investing in Angeles City and the Philippines check out's investors page.

Do you agree that now is the time to invest in the Philippines?




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4 years ago
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Captain Lights
4 years ago  Likes 2  Dislike 5
Whoever is investing in PI is making a big mistake. You don't know where your money is going, hell maybe it's going to those corrupt government that are being investigated right now. Yea you might take 1 step forward but really you're taking 2 steps back.
Captain Lights
4 years ago
@Brightchild: Yea and you would know where it's going because you invested so much money and you see where your money is going. Conclusion? My POINT is, don't invest money in the PI, sure it's going great right now but we all know it's not going to last long. How hard is that for you to understand?
4 years ago  Likes 2
@Captain Lights: If you're investing in something and you don't know where your money is going then your probably someone who doesn't have the money in the first place... What's the point in writing such nonsense that doesn't have any conclusion whatsoever? Many foreign investors in Angeles have become rich already and sure the bars in Angeles is one of the main reasons for that. I guess your too ignorant to know where to put your money, otherwise you would have nothing to say...
Captain Lights
4 years ago  Likes 2  Dislike 6
Isn't the reason Angeles City is so popular for tourist is because of its clubs? You know what I mean when I say clubs. What's sad is every time I type Angeles City on google, the first pictures that pop up is girls that dress like strippers. It's embarrassing. I'm not trying to put down anyone but do tourist really know Angeles City because of its bar clubs?
4 years ago  Likes 1
@Captain Lights: I agree that you have no clue what you are whining about. What about Pattaya? They've started just like Angeles 20 years ago and now everything is booming there with skyscrapers and world class developments. OK no beach, but who ever uses the beach when they are in Pattaya? For those people, take a day trip to Subic is the option.
Captain Lights
4 years ago  Dislike 2
@Brightchild: You don't get what I'm saying? Let me make it clear for you. You have to look at the big picture and think about Angeles is ONLY known for its red light district and nothing else. And you think nothing's wrong with having that title? You're the one who sounds ignorant because probably that's where you get your fixed. My point is, the only red light district that is popular in the world is Amsterdam, I sure hope it stays that way.
4 years ago  Likes 1
@Captain Lights: What's wrong with the bars being one of the main catalysts for the growth in Angeles? Make a conclusion when you say something
Pinoy Pride
4 years ago
a lot of developments in the this year. thats very good news
4 years ago  Likes 2
It's good news but Vietnam for instance has much higher growth in the past years. I think they've had a growth of nearly 10% in the past consecutive years
4 years ago  Likes 3
Angeles City, Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Panglao Island, San Vicente Palawan, Boracay... interesting places to look for investment IMO
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