The Future of Angeles City

The economic boom of the entertainment and tourist areas in Balibago, together with the growth of Clark Freeport Zone and its international airport, will result in one of the Philippines’ most dynamic cities.

In view of the rise of the real estate potential in the Balibago area, which is the epicenter of the city’s entertainment and commercial industries, the Fields Plaza Hotel by ABC has risen to be the newest icon of Angeles City, embodying its bold and glamorous ambition to be the top entertainment capital in Asia.

Angeles City’s two oldest universities are also gathering acclaim and attention across the country.

Numerous large foreign companies in a variety of industries, ranging from furniture and décor, to manufacturing and electronics, to call centers, have chosen to settle in this city due to its work force and easily-accessible entertainment areas and the favorable business environment in Clark. The on-going development of a high-speed railroad track from Manila to Clark is only bound to improve business traffic in the city. The Clark International Airport is vying to be the main international gateway to the Philippines. Currently, it has flights to and from Boracay, Davao, Cebu, and Palawan, and as well as Singapore, Korea, and Thailand (outside the country).