Nightlife in Angeles City


Although the city boasts an overwhelming number of girl bars, the clubbing scene has seen significant developments in Angeles City.

The newest craze is currently at Aqua Beach Club, located inside ABc Hotel, as it’s the only pool club that has daytime and nightime parties and open everyday! Imagine infinity pools, a skydeck with 360-degree view of the sunset, plus a spa and gym with a majestic view of the city skyline. Hollywood celebrities such as Travie McCoy and didn’t miss the chance to visit everyday while in the country.

For a more traditional club scene, Mega Dance Center is set to open real soon as the biggest dance club in town. Also popular are High Society and SkyTrax.

Must See Clubs: Aqua Beach Club and High Society



Angeles City is home to one of the most amazing vocal talent. Some of the most popular venues in the town include R&B Club in Friendship and Phillies Sports Bar & Grill just outside Walking Street. These locations are more for dancing sans the “club” scene.

Must See Venues: R&B Club



The Jazz Grill, located at the Abacan bridge loop, is gaining popularity with expats with it’s Jazz music offerings. For more blues influence, you may check out Anchor Bay Gastropub at Diamond Subdivision. Other restobars playing popular music include El Potro and Wishing Well. 

Closer to Marquee Mall there is a venue known as The Meshiya, which is a mix of girlie bar and open air live band bar.  

Must See Venues:  Jazz Grill and Wishing Well 



One of the leading resto-pubs in the city collapsed recently after changing hands several times, however there are still a range of viable venues where you can enjoy a traditional beer with the guys. Be sure to visit the newly-opened Envy Bistro Sports, just close to the entrance of The Walking Street, or Rob’s GastroPub an air-conditioned sports-bar-turned-club at night. and Phillies Sports Bar & Grill as the more classic one.

You will find resto-pubs open in the surrounding areas of Fields Avenue as you move towards the Perimeter Road bar scene.

Must See Pubs: Envy Bistro Sports and Phillies



If you have ever visited the walking street before, you will no doubt be familiar with the parallel street filled with more KTV bars than you can count. Most often populated by locals and girls working on Fields Avenue, these bars offer you the experience to show off your voice.

Although karaoke is not the traditional tourist style of having a drink, it is never a bad stop when you have the company of some pleasurable ladies who enjoy a song or two.

Some of the upper class KTV bars include Yatch Club (near Donald Paul Apartelle) and Secret Garden (Opposite Pacific Breeze), both highly populated by Korean nationals.  Seastory on Fields Avenue is part restaurant, part KTV house – with good food to boot.

Must See KTVs: Yacht Club, Secret Garden, and Seastory



We all love to jump around the bizarre nightlife that Field’s Avenue has to offer however we all need some time to chill out and relax, whether you are in the company of a lovely lady or alone. Enjoy some of the Angeles City skyline with a visit to some of the leading lounges in town including Aqua Beach Club’s Skybar inside ABC Hotel for the most amazing view be it at sunset or nighttime.

Other lounges that boast a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere include The Living Room (Queens Hotel) and The Rooftop (Central Park Tower).

Must See Lounges: Aqua Beach Club & The Living Room



Here in Angeles City, you will find hundreds of bars referred to as a go-go bar or girly bar, referring to a nightlife establishment employing dancers on the stage who can be called at your convenience to socialize. You will find everything from the tiny bars where some men can’t fit into the comfort room to multi-story mega bars employing hundreds of dancers.

Angeles City boasts several strips including the legendary Walking Street which comes to life at night-time and the early afternoon Perimeter Road which is consistently hosting expatriates.

Must See Bars: Lollipop, Gecko’s, Atlantis, Crystal Palace, Club Asia
Other Popular Bars: Voodoo, King’s Landing, Color Bar, and Q Bar

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